Earlier this week, concerns emerged on Skype official message boards about the Skype Mac app no longer functioning on OS X 10.5.8 Leopard (an operating system that launched the same year as the original iPhone), and a Skype representative on the forums apparently confirmed that Skype will no longer be supported on Macs running operating systems below OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

While Skype has not been downloadable nor functional for Leopard users the past few days, a Skype spokesperson tells us this morning that this will soon change: “We have a Skype version for Mac OS X 10.5 users which will soon be available for download.” No additional timing details are available as of yet, but it’s good to know that Leopard users will soon be able to go back to making Skype calls and sending messages as normal.

We’re also told that this new download will be for Leopard users only, so anyone on OS X 10.4 Tiger or below will need to upgrade to Leopard or something newer (like Mavericks) in order to keep on using the Microsoft-owned communications tool.

(Leopard Box image via Dongyi Liu.)

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10 Responses to “On OS X Leopard? Don’t worry, Skype says Mac version for legacy users returning soon”

  1. I got that message few days ago, while using old version (5.3.0) on SL, shutting down my Skype and asking to upgrade.

    After that version, I never liked any new version from Skype, especially when they were bought by MS.

    But am still using that old version by cheating. So, right click, Show Package Contents, in Contents, open file info.plist (TextEdit), and instead old version, put the newest one (in two places).

    So, I’m still running, but under info, I’m having

    Good luck! ;)


  2. Leopard!!!! One of the best OS ever!!!!


  3. Will this be PowerPC or Intel only Leopard? I know the last version for PPC was 2.8, but it would be nice to see a PPC version for the G4 and G5 owners.


  4. The best ever OS X: Snow Leopard. I don’t give a damn about Lions, etc., iOS crap!


  5. Jonathan says:

    While Skype no longer accepts connections from old Skype (so even the hosts-file edit doesn’t work) they quietly updated v6.19 to include support for 10.5.8 again… it’s the same version number, but a different build, which is offered via the automatic update or the Skype download page.


  6. Any updates on this? Still waiting :(