We’re now less than a month away from the anticipated iPhone event in September meaning it’s prime season for parts from the next generation iPhone to surface. New high resolution photos shared today by Feld & Volk (via MR) clearly show another look at what claims to be the front panel for the iPhone 6. Specifically, the up-close shots focus on the tapered edges of the display panel aligning with existing information showing a more rounded design on the next generation iPhone. In addition to the high resolution photos of the various views of the apparent iPhone 6 front panel, the new photos also include close-up shots of the iPhone 6 power button and mute toggle as well…

Previous renders and part leaks have suggested that the power button seen above will be relocated on the iPhone 6 from the top of the iPhone to the right side of the device which could make accessing it one-handed easier as the display is expected to reach 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch over its current 4-inch form factor.

Other recent component leaks have pointed to the pill shaped True Tone flash introduced on the iPhone 5s adopting a circular shape on the iPhone 6; this aligns with nearly every leaked part thus far which lead many to question if the next generation would offer the same camera flash technology.

Additional parts and component leaks surfacing recently include more distinct views of the larger display device’s front panel as well as back panel images purporting to be actual prototypes of the new iPhone 6 design which match prior leaks.

As mentioned above, Apple is expected to reveal the next generation of iPhone models at an as-of-yet-unannounced media event on September 9th with iOS 8 and the new iPhone models shipping shortly thereafter.

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17 Responses to “Close-up photos appear to show iPhone 6 display panel w/ tapered edges, power button, & mute toggle”

  1. dksmidtx says:

    Why does this “drip, drip, drip” of disclosures feel like waterboarding?


  2. I am certainly happy to see more rumours surfacing on the web, to help confirm what the next iPhone is going to be. There have been many rumours in past years that have talked about the next iPhone but have been left behind as they seem to unreal for a company like Apple to use. However with these types of rumours at the moment we are certainly getting a much clearer picture.


  3. So the iPhone6 release date has been confirmed?


  4. agnstodds says:

    Is that a rubber gasket underneath the power button?


  5. silas681 says:

    Don’t remember seeing that tapered edge on any of the dummies we have seen so far. If a curved screen part edge can be LUSH, they have succeeded! Still don’t like the antenna bands! Is there hope?


  6. PMZanetti says:

    This is the first we’ve seen this, but certainly not the first we’ve heard it.

    If true, we may be looking at a bezel-free design, where the glass curves right into the rounded aluminum side.