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Earlier today Apple released the sixth developer preview of OS X Yosemite, along with a new beta version of its Xcode developer tool. However, after users found that the new Xcode beta was unusable, Apple pulled it from the developer website.

It seems the issues have now been rectified, as the beta is once again available on Apple’s developer site with a version number indicating that it is two builds newer than the one released this morning.

The Xcode beta includes development tools for Mac and iOS, including Apple’s new Swift programming language which was debuted at WWDC earlier this year. In a rare move for the company, Apple has released the beta version of Xcode 6 to anyone who wants it, regardless of whether they have a paid developer account or not.

You can grab the Xcode beta from Apple’s website.

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6 Responses to “Apple re-releases Xcode 6 beta 6, solves issues discovered by developers in new build”

  1. Cody Winton says:

    I’m still having issues with the latest build


  2. I have downloaded the latest version on Yosemite Preview 6 and it doesn’t launch. What’s worse Xcode 6 beta 4 doesn’t work on Preview 6 as well and of course Apple is blocking us from downloading Xcode 5 from the App Store.
    Day at work ruined…


  3. Yeah still not working…Anyone have any luck yet?