Samsung’s series of attack ads on Apple continue with a video of supposed voxpops in which New Yorkers are shown both the iPad Air and Galaxy Tab S and asked to compare them. Would you believe it, everyone prefers the Samsung, even the guy with limited room in his purse … 

Those interviewed comment on the thinness of the Tab S, its lightness and its brighter screen. Yep, people on the street can pick up the two devices and detect a 0.9mm difference in depth and an 11g difference in weight, citing these as reasons to prefer the Samsung.

Samsung also promotes the Tab S as having “one million extra pixels” without mentioning that these are due to the widescreen format of the device.

Recent Apple attack ads by Samsung have included a Galaxy S5 phone ad in which iPhone owners are referred to as “wall-huggers,” nominating the iPhone to take the Ice Bucket Challenge and dismissing the larger screen of the upcoming iPhone 6.

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37 Responses to ““Thinner, brighter, lighter” – Samsung attack ads on Apple continue with anti-iPad NYers”

  1. jedwards87 says:

    It’s not going to help. Samsung will continue to spiral downward. Time to start the Samsung is dead threads.


  2. This is why I despise Samsung, all they can do is lie.


  3. monkyfoniks says:

    Haha, of course 100% plastic parts are going to be lighter.

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  4. “Please show me aplication optimalized for this Galaxy Tab”


  5. dksmidtx says:

    Personally, I’m a Surface Pro 3 fan, but I can’t imagine anyone truthfully picking that plastic Samsung toy looking tablet over the iPad Air. Those have to be the only 20 or so New Yorkers who answered correctly for the camera – would love to see how many rejected the Sammy…


  6. The last person that measures the weight, also attaches his camera…very funny video :-)


  7. shm1ck83 says:

    I’ve been hearing Samsung are sh!t all year, let alone for one day!


  8. There is a take on this crap commercial where they show side by side the iPad and galaxy and it shows by the bicel that the iPad is not an iPad Air. Samsung really have to do that?


  9. rakinjannot says:

    Well of course your tablet is going to be lighter: the battery is half the size (8820 mAh vs 4900 mAh). Batteries are heavy and take up space. You’re telling people to compare the weights without revealing how you shaved off that weight. That’s like pulling out the air conditioning, radio, heater, lights, and seat cushions from a car and saying “you’ll want to take this one on a road trip, right? Less weight means less gas!” but not letting people look inside.


  10. Nothing but superficial BS! How about showing the people who preferred the iPad? I doubt that if this was a REAL experiment that all of these people would pick the Samsung tablet. They’re comparing a new Samsung tablet to an iPad model that is a year old. Just more inane BS from Samsung. You’ll never see Apple comparing products like this. They don’t need to. They’re confident in their own products enough to not have a need to constantly justify their products.


  11. herb02135go says:

    Wow.. the fanboys are really sacred. Truth hurts.


    • jrox16 says:

      Actually this just shows how scared Samsung is of Apple due to the fact that Apple’s products are always better (just read any review out there). The fact that Samsung can’t stop making commercials directly and disingenuously bashing Apple products shows how afraid Samsung is of Apple. You don’t see Apple bothering to mention Samsung products in their ads do you? Know why? Cause when ever review on earth says the iPad is the better tablet (and the iPhone the better phone), you don’t have to care about the silly competition. Especially since Samsung sales are slipping this year.

      No people here are just continuing to be disgusted at how terrible Samsung ads are, and how they never compare anything evenly, just cherry pick a couple of specific aspects where they think they can best Apple with. I’m not scared, I laugh at Samsung’s ads…


  12. rettun1 says:

    Definitely more likable than some of their other ads. Though I think it is time that Samsung removes Apple from the center of their marketing campaign


  13. So people prefer Samsung’s tablet over iPad Air, eh? Well in that case you have nothing to worry about, Samsung. I mean, surely this popularity of the Samsung tablets over the iPad must be evident in the sales stats, no?


  14. b9bot says:

    And with the track record of Samsung lies would you believe they all picked the Samsung product. NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Lies!


  15. I would never buy a Samschlong tablet. I’m a hardcore iPad user!!


  16. jonvdveen says:

    Lighter?!?! It must be superior!


  17. myke2241 says:

    there are a number of issues with this commercial. but to each their own. No Samsung products for me please.


  18. Scott Taylor says:

    But yet when people speak with their wallets, they tend to say something a little different… “iPad is better”


  19. Someone get me a gun, to shoot the moron doing the commercial for Scamsung, and for the morons looking at the tablet, basing their purchase preference on false specs and the fact it’s a smidgin lighter… This made me want to barf, and definitely hate Scamsung just that much more…


    • spiralynth says:

      This clueless company doesn’t understand that all they’re successfully achieving with these ads is chasing away billions of dollars from millions of customers, many of whom not only love and own multiple Apple products, but don’t appreciate being blatantly lied to AND blatantly insulted at the same time.

      These days, I make a point of it to avoid anything and everything made by this craplastic company, and I ASSURE you that will continue for years to come. Simply by mere coincidence, I’ve never bought anything from them to date, but again, these days I avoid them with intent. And I happen to be a gadget freak who buys a lot of stuff! And I’m only one of many.

      So woefully full of scam and dung
      Lying, cheating, stealing
      You hold true to your name
      Oh pitiful desperate Scamdumb


  20. I think the guy doing the comparison showed his own preference with a sub-concious head nod to his left, and the hand holding the iPad, when telling about asking people about “which tablet they prefer”.


  21. tofik0 says:

    must have been a butt load of bloopers to edit out of all the people who love apple. =P


  22. Joe Mecca says:

    One can’t find the right answer by asking wrong questions – Ask a good question and you will have the right answer…


  23. “Here, hold them both and tell me which is lighter.”
    “Wow! The Samsung is lighter… and thinner too!!”
    “Nice isn’t?!”
    “Yeah!! Does it have more apps than the iPad too?”
    “Aaaaand, cut. Thanks for your time.”


  24. sachinbahal says:

    At the 1:10 mark, the guy from Samsung is holding the Galaxy Tab S upside down (


  25. l happens is that these people were the only ones in the world who preferred samsung!


  26. what do you prefer, a dollar or a fake dollar?
    Of course a fake dollar!
    kidding? because I’m not a fanboy!


  27. Love some of the responses to an obviously bias article by Ben.

    For those saying they are Apple fanboys through and though and won’t be persuaded in any way to use a Samsung, guess what, you aren’t the focus of this ad campaign. Samsung don’t care about you at all. Is it an ad that mocks the device? No.

    All in all I have to say I couldn’t care less either way. I’m happy working on a couple of Windows tablets that prove again and again they are far superior to the iPad and Galaxy in every way.

    If anyone should be making mock up ads it’d be Microsoft…. “oh, you need an app to do that?”

    There are very few apps in the Microsoft store because stuff just works. When iPad and Galaxy catch up and no longer require you to have an app to access what you should otherwise be able to access on a website I’ll take notice. In the meantime Apple and Samsung should keep a watchful eye on the Microsoft tablets coming into the sub $200 market space.


  28. There was also a snark attack in that video that went unnoticed in the description. Instead of saying “Let’s go see what they think”, he said “Let’s go see *if* they think”. Following the usual android user implication that Apple users are commercial zombies.


  29. valanchan says:

    This reminds me of the Microsoft ads that followed purchasers that bought PCs.


  30. zeromeus says:

    Wow! How pathetic! Out of 8.4 million people living in NYC, they found only a handful of people who prefer the Galaxy tablet and decides to boast over it… That’s samesung for you… Just be happy with the little scraps that they get off of the table. What a dog! Those handful of people were probably paid thousands of dollars for their lie.


  31. mahmudf2014 says:

    At 1:11 you can hear the guy from samsung is talking but his mouth is closed. Plus at the last seconds all of the people highlighting the word “definetely” and they are saying this over and over again. Can youl still believe it that this is real?


  32. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Where did those Samsung creeps come from? NYC is known as the Big Apple because of all the Apple stores, iPhone and iPad users. Those people they interviewed must have come from New Jersey or some foreign country. Samsung is truly getting desperate and they are going to get a serious butt-kicking from Apple by the end of this year.