June 16

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Prior to WWDC, a report emerged claiming that Apple would at long last unveil iMessage for Android. Seeing how Apple had made its streaming music service available on Android, many found this report to be somewhat plausible. As you’re probably aware of by now, however, iMessage for Android was nowhere to be found at WWDC this week. Now, we’ve gotten a little bit of insight into Apple’s reasoning for not bringing its messaging service to Google’s smartphone platform…

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June 9

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According to a report from MacDailyNews, Apple will announce that iMessage is coming to Android at Monday’s upcoming WWDC 2016 keynote.

Such an announcement, which MacDailyNews claims to have obtained from “a source familiar with the company’s thinking,” would go a long way towards making it easier for users to shift between the two competing platforms. But what would be Apple’s motivation for doing this?

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June 8

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June 7

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Nick Lee, CTO of development studio Tendigi, previously was able to get Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch and now he’s back at it again with a new project. As he details in this blog post, Lee was able to get Android running on an iPhone thanks to a custom-built case.

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June 2

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Yesterday, well-respected venture capitalist Mary Meeker released her annual Internet Trends Report. Inside the over 200 slide PowerPoint were some interesting numbers relating to the continuing battle between iOS and Android. As we reported last night, Meeker’s report showed iOS continue to decline in marketshare, while Android continues to gain. In many ways, the current split between Android and iOS in terms of market share and unit shipments is very similar to the split between Mac and PC shipments and marketshare. And it’s been a long time coming for Apple.

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June 1

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Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for 2016 became available this evening, and as usual it serves as a great tool to analyze the ongoing battle between Android and iOS. Apple saw its first ever decline in revenue last quarter and Meeker’s report definitely takes that into account. One slide from  the report shows the marketshare and average selling point difference. As usual, Android has a commanding lead in marketshare and shipments, while Apple dominates in ASP. There are a few differences this year, however.

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May 27

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Jason Snell has written an interesting piece at Macworld, berating Google for using its Material Design user-interface in iOS apps. In other words, Google ignores all the iOS conventions and instead makes its iPhone and iPad apps look exactly like Android ones. This can be seen in everything from the ‘white card on gray background’ overall design all the way down to small details like using vertical rather than horizontal dots as a menu icon.

He argues that Google is acting like Microsoft did back in the early 90s, suddenly making its Mac apps look and behave like Windows ones. It is, he suggests, arrogant …

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May 3

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A new open source project called PieMessage enables cross-platform iMessage support, allowing Android users to communicate using Apple’s iPhone messaging platform.

In the video below, we get a short look at the PieMessage app in action with a still unreleased prototype version of the app.

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April 28

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Apple today is rolling out an update to the Apple Music app for Android users. The update continues to bring the app up to speed with its iOS counterpart and adds support for music videos and family memberships. The update follows the addition of widget support last month for the Android Apple Music app.

With support for family plans, users can now subscribe or update to a six-person family membership, which is arguably one of the best features about Apple Music. A six-person family membership runs $14.99, which is just $5 more than the one-person $9.99 membership.

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April 26

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With drops in revenue and iOS device sales in what CEO Tim Cook called a “challenging quarter,” highlights from Apple’s Q2 2016 earnings today include an increase in Apple Music subscribers, more cash for Apple’s capital return and share repurchasing programs, and a “huge number of Android switchers and new to Mac customers.” Cook said the company had record switchers from Android and others platforms in the quarter and also noted an increase of 56% for iPhone sales in India despite an overall decline for iOS device sales.

Cook said the company hit record App Store revenue up 35% and updated us on Apple Pay noting the payments service has grown around 5X compared to a year ago and is adding approximately 1 million new users a week.

After reporting its Q2 2016 earnings earlier today, the company is now hosting its conference call where we’ll likely get some more insight and comments on the numbers from Apple execs. Head below for a roundup of all the numbers Apple announced today, and check back for more as we listen in on Apple’s call.

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April 13

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Snapchat has been on a roll lately introducing bigger and more creative updates to their social network. From introducing custom geofilters, to a massive overhaul in their chat system, they show no signs of slowing down. Today’s update takes video interactions a step further by allowing you to “pin” stickers and emojis to moving objects in video. The update will be rolling out to Android today and soon to iOS.

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April 12

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Android has featured the ability to stream to AirPlay devices like the Apple TV by means of third-party utilities for some time now, but no Android device has ever shipped with native AirPlay support in tow. That’s all changed with the announcement of the HTC 10, the first device to ship with native AirPlay support.

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April 8

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March 29

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iPhone SE might be helping Apple attract more new users from Android compared to previous recent iPhone launches, according to the latest data on sales of the new device from Slice Intelligence. Specifically, Slice points to the higher number of SE buyers coming from Android compared to the iPhone 6S:

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March 24

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March 17

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IDC’s latest report is out today with new estimates based on worldwide wearable shipments, and in it is a prediction that Apple Watch will hold the market lead this year and through 2020 as competitors begin to close the gap.

While the report shows estimates based on overall wearable shipments, which IDC says will go from 72.2 million last year to 100 million in 2016 for watch and wristband products, it also shows a breakdown of estimates for leading smartwatch platforms by operating system…

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March 9

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Google surprised everyone earlier today with the very first preview release of Android N — the next operating system update for Android devices — which anyone savvy enough with the right hardware can try out now for free even before Google’s upcoming I/O developer conference. Included in the first preview version of Android N are many new features that catch Google’s mobile OS up with Apple’s iOS 9 like split-screen apps and picture-in-picture mode. Like Apple, Google’s even launching a public beta program for consumers soon. Check out the full details at 9to5Google and see how each feature compares between Android N and iOS 9 below:

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February 27

Post to the community

If you paid attention in 2014, you would have seen a record number of Android owners have switched to iPhones. Apple sold about 14 million iPhones to former Android owners in the last quarter — and that’s a sign of good times ahead, according to Apple chief Tim Cook. That is nearly 30 percent of Apple’s 48.04 million iPhones sold in the July-to-September 2015 quarter went to customers coming from an Android handset.

After seven years of Android and eight of iOS, why is that?


As for myself, after four years with an Android phone, I switched back to iOS last month removed the SIM card from my Samsung Galaxy S5 and popped it into a brand-new iPhone 6S. I liked my Android phone, but the smartphone experience is very much a matter of details, and diving into today’s iPhone makes me realize how great a job Apple has done.

But for most former Android users, what is making them switch over to iOS? Still, there are several reasons that explain the growing rate of Android switchers moving to iPhones.


1. Apps still come to iOS first

The iPhone app ecosystem is markedly better. Google Play and the Apple App Store both have about 1 million apps, and most major apps are available for both platforms, but, developers still tend to develop apps for iOS first. For example, the live-streaming app Periscope was available on iOS two months before Android; Facebook’s Paper app and new Sports Stadium are only available for the iPhone, as is the the NYT Now app. The BMW Connect app that allows me to operate select smartphone apps from the car’s control screen supports Pandora and Stitcher on iOS and not on Android, and it just works better on iOS.


2. For fast software updates and security

As some of the folks in the Reddit thread noted, Android is still a mess right now in terms of software updates. Besides, the latest operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, was released in late September and is found on less than 1 percent of Android devices. However, the software updates for iOS are available around the world, simultaneously, to all supported iPhones regardless of wireless carrier. That’s a big deal when it comes to security as Google is now realizing. Android has had a pretty bad run lately in terms of security issues, and while no operating system is perfect, Apple makes you feel safer inside of it’s walled garden than outside of it with Android.


3. The iPhone camera is the best

Apple has been renowned for smartphone camera quality for years. The iPhone 6 is one of the few handsets (almost the only one) that was rated up to 9.0 on Cnet. It generates photos as good as taken on DSLR Camera and literally drives the digital camera out of the market. The latest 6s and 6s Plus promised not only higher resolution, but better all-around pics, 4K video, and more. However, in practice, I really couldn’t see a great deal of difference between the iPhone 6 and the 6S in terms of picture quality.


4. The iPhone user interface is much more polished

iOS really is a pleasure to use. It’s so simple and yet so versatile. The platform itself is characterized by a minimalistic look and it really couldn’t be more simple to navigate. The stage is set perfectly for apps, the most important part of the smartphone experience.


5. It’s time to ‘Move to iOS’

Apple is getting more aggressive in getting Android users to switch over to its side. A somewhat hidden feature not spoken of directly during today’s WWDC keynote is a new app for iOS 9 called “Move to iOS “, which will allow current Android users a hassle-free migration experience from their Android phone to the iOS ecosystem. But, the Move to iOS app transfers only photos, messages, contacts, bookmarks and google account and is rated only 2.4 stars on Google Play.

Nevertheless, before the ‘Move to iOS’ App was released, there already has had Android-to-iOS transfer tool in the works, such as Syncios Data Transfer, Leawo, Dropbox, etc. What’s more, the third-party app, such as Syncios Data Transfer, sync more types of data than the Apple’s switching app, including contacts, photos, videos, music, call logs, SMS, MMS, etc and even the iTunes playlist. Undoubtly, all of these convenient data switching tool, has accelerated that trend.


Any other points we missed that caused Android users switching over to iOS? Share them below!


February 18

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February 4

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comScore today has shared its monthly report on both smartphone and app marketshare. The data released today reflects the three-month average ending in December of 2015. The report breaks down the top smartphone platforms, manufacturers, and perhaps most interestingly, the most popular apps…

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