As the older iOS devices fading out from our house hold, we are left with several apple 30-pin cables. I bought a 30-pin to Lightning adaptor from apple store but it is pricy…

The same adaptor (looks the same at least) from Ebay costs about fraction of what apple charges… So should I go ebay for some extra adaptors?

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5 Responses to “Should I buy 3rd Party 30-pin to Lightning adaptors?”

  1. I bought a third-party adapter and found that it works well with first-party (or MFi) 30-pin accessories and cables. I have one connected to my Bose SoundDock II and it works well for charging and playing audio from my iPhone 5S.


  2. It really depends, most of the ones out there are good for charging, but not for trasnfering audio/video. Some of the cheap knock offs could also mess up your phone’s port, and that would end up costing an arm and a leg if you have Apple fix it. I would suggest you ask other people before buying the alternative!