Blog UkrainianiPhone believes that the next-generation iPhone will look like the device in the renders above and below. It’s unlikely that the image directly below represents an actual piece of Apple marketing or if the slogan on that image will be what Apple ends up using when the device launches in the fall.




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9 Responses to “The latest iPhone 6 design renders from Ukraine”

  1. There we go, finally a design that screams Apple. Much better than any other render I’ve seen, if it oops like this. I will quite literally be first in line at my local apple store.


  2. Pravin Bhana says:

    Any Other Colours? Otherwise Brilliant!


  3. That edge to edge display!


  4. Paul Silver says:

    Gorgeous, looks like this year’s model has all my wishlists for the last 3 years or soo. Sept (+ Oct) will be an expensive few months for me. Already putting some pennies away for them.


  5. What bothers me is the speaker holes…looks like not enough to be loud…I don’t believe Apple missed this…


  6. chrisl84 says:

    The worst mockups from amateurs get posted to the main 9to5 page and this beauty is buried in the community section? Alright then…..


  7. Nice render! I like that the acrylic ends where the antennas live, seem to be molded into the unibody design. Much cleaner IMO.


  8. When iphone 6 for launching in Indonesia ?
    I waiting for that ..

    Surabaya – Indonesia