Intel’s Santa Rosa chips aren’t anything revolutionary. They utilize slightly higher clock rates, a faster front side bus (from 667 to 800Mhz) and more power saving features to underclock the FSB during CPU downtime.

But there is some fun stuff which we should see, oh, around mid-June:

  • Support for 802.11N (Much faster/robust Wifi)
  • Support for DDR2 800 RAM
  • Support for flash hard drives (also known as NAND drives)

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All of this just adds fuel to the fire that a new round of laptops (and Tablets?) will be dropping at Apple’s WWDC 2007.  If Sony can pull off the UX-90 with last years Centrino processors, imagine what Apple can and will do with one that runs cooler, faster and smarter.

Sony ux 90

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