Great article from an unlikely source. Jacqueline Emigh goes into eight very well thought out reasons why OSX is better for a company’s bottom line.

There has been a lot of this in the press recently and the idea of moving to the Mac platform has been gaining a lot of momentum.  The numbers however, still don’t bear this out.

To sum up, here are the arguments she proposes:

  1. Macs bring a better overall value proposition
  2. Macintosh licensing fees are cheaper
  3. The Mac desktop spawns fewer calls to the help desk
  4. Mac users are more productive workers
  5. Macs last longer
  6. Mac OS is more secure
  7. Mac is just as cost-effective as Windows to manage and administer
  8. Add Macs while hanging on to your investments in other OSes

Head over to the full article for more.

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