Apple’s dramatically smaller bluetooth wireless keyboard that debuted alongside the redesigned iMac is not just thinner but it also loses the number pad arrow keys and that little area with “Help”, Home” etc.  Size-wise it is very similar to just lifting the MacBook keyboard off of its body and carting it around.

This isn’t a device for the desk.  This is a remote control.   Obviously a good fit for the iMac that is an entertainment device.  Perhaps also for some other devices?  A Bluetooth phone?  The iPhone doesn’t yet accept Bluetooth Keyboards but it obviously could with a software update.   Or perhaps a better keyboard for the UMPC’s and Sony UX line?

But the biggest market might be in entertainment.  We can see this as being the MUST-HAVE media center remote whether it is PC or Mac based.  With it’s small size, media keys and incredible style, who can resist the next big remote?

Not us!

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