Yeah we had a spy picture to show you but we’ve learned our lessontwice. We’ll just describe it and let your minds wander:

Update: We are having a contest!

Name – iPod XXXXX… HTC be damned!

Same form factor as the iPhone with some notable exceptions:

  • Outside rim is black, not silver like the iPhone and more flush with the screen like the 5.5G iPods not rounded like iPhone
  • No ear speaker or microphone for phoning
  • Thinner – slightly

Things that are the same:

  • OSX Embedded OS
  • 480×320 screen
  • Coverflow-enabled iPod application
  • Single button home navigation

Things we wish we knew:

  • WiFi?  (This is the Capper)
  • GPS?
  • NAND RAM and/or 160GB Hard Drives configs?
  • Cost?  (Like it matters we want them!)

Also, just a quick note to Apple Legal.  We’ve learned our lesson and will shy away from posting what could be considered trademarked information.  9to5Mac is an Apple enthusiest website and we are all huge Apple fans here (obviously).  We are not trying to hurt the company – just inform other Apple consumers who might want  more intel on upcoming products so that they may make more informed buying decisions.  No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a product that is about to get put in the dumper.  We are just hyping your products and informing your consumers.

Who doesn’t want that?  Apple, let’s just hug it out!


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