It looks official. From the first intrusion into the 1.1.1 Firmware, we knew this was coming.
Less than a week later, here it is. There are, of course caveats: The hack provides jailbreak, activation, and third party applications but only applies to the iPhone (no iPod Touchy for you!) and is not meant for iPhones with modified basebands. So for those of us with hacked 1.0.2 we have to wait – probably a few more days.
Of course, iPhoneSIMFree is now working as well. It looks like all is happy in iPhone hacking land…for the moment.

In other news, Apple readies version 1.1.3. How many people do you think will update straight away this time after the iBrickieness of the last “update”. Apple will need to add some pretty hefty features to make this a worthwhile update. We are thinking iChat, etc. And make it as good as Apollo.

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