Tablet Mac in the works?

Everybody and their brother is talking about ASUS and their supposed new Tablet Mac contract.  While it is entirely possible that they are making a device for Apple. – they would be in DEEP DODO for leaking that information.  So, more than likely, they aren’t.  Well at least the guy from C|Net doesn’t know if they are.

The first rule about making products for Apple is you don’t talk about making products for Apple.  Steve Jobs has pulled whole product lines for much much less.  That reputation is well known from Cupertino to Shanghai.  And if you’ve been building stuff for Apple for more than a few years (Like ASUS has), you know – even if it has to be translated to Mandarin – that you don’t say ANYTHING about future Apple products.  EVER.  Especially not to an English bloke that works for C|Net.

This is probably a just a rumor – taken from other rumors which could very well end up being true.  So more than likely, at some point in the future, there will be a Mac Tablet with a unique form factor.  If they want to get creds, I think we need to see some spyshots – or some specs – or something specific that shows they aren’t just guessing.



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