iRadio for iPhone

Its always exciting to see what iPhone software awaits us every morning from AppTapp.   In fact, we’ve gone to checking several times a day.  This morning was no exception.   A title in particular that caught our collective eyes is iRadio from Conceited Software.  While it is, of course in beta and only does MPEG streams at the moment, it worked great. 

It is, as you would expect, a streaming radio player.  The low speed streams even work over EDGE which we would have lost money betting against.  There are about 100 different stations to choose from.

It starts superfast, has lots of streams with different types of content and most importantly, doesn’t effect the other apps on the iPhone.  IT plays when the iPhone is locked just like iTunes does as well.

If you want to try it out – simply go to AppTapp and look under recents. 

EDIT: Upon further review we are getting some crashes and more importantly – it seems to be messing a bit with our synching…but – it is Beta Software…so, as always – use at your own risk…

Way to go Conceited…your software IS better than theirs!

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