WildCharge iPod Touchhrmpf caused quite a stir in the rumor community back in February when it reported on Apple’s inductive charging patent filing. Well, according to the Mossberg Solution at wsj.com, it looks like a company called WildCharge Inc. beat Apple to the punch on their popular portable devices. 

They haven’t done inductive charging (like Braun-Oral B does with their toothbrushes for instance) but they have made small adapters that have connection points to the flat surface – which should give similar results. (thx commenter)

We think it’d be a great convenience to charge our iPhones like this, but it would be really be off the hook (pun?) if Apple would work in a WiFi sync to go along with it (ahem – Macworld Expo), so we can free up a USB port.

So what do you all think? Ready to shell out an extra hundred bucks for the privelege not to charge your iPhone/iPod touch with the cradle? Or are we all waiting for iPhone2 with 3G and built-in inductive charging?  And maybe you are worried about electrocuting your cat and/or wasting too much precious energy with the inefficiencies of this device?  Do tell…

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