2007 was a monumental year for iPod hacking and a major milestone looks to be acomplished just before the year ends.  The first SIP compatible VOIP solution for the iPod Touch (and hopefully soon the iPhone) should be coming our way in the next 10 hours (as we write this).

The SIP application actually requires a bit of extra hardware on the iPod touch because of the lack of an audio-in port on the device.  Thankfully they are selling the microphone as well.  The iPhone should eventually support this application without hardware modifications.

Hopefully this will light a fire under the VOIP industry, which hasn’t been quick to port their applications to the iPhone.  As of now – or in 10 hours – only SIP accounts are supported on the Tochmods VOIP client.  Raketu had earlier announced an iPhone application for their VOIP service but as the application was in Flash form, it wasn’t able to work on the iPhone.  It turns out they hadn’t even tested the device on their system.

It is about time that someone did it right!

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