Appleinsider has some pictures of Macworld Expo with the new banners in the new Apple Myriad light font saying "There is something in the Air."  Could this mean WiMAX?  Could it mean anything else?  The only other thing we can think of is that the new AppleTV will let you stream your movies "over the air" that is if you didn’t hardwire the AppleTV – which works much better.  Maybe the new AppleTV USES WiMAX to get its content?

Or, as a commenter points out below, maybe Apple is doing the mobile phone purchasing with the iPhone that we’ve heard so much about.

Other than that, we got nothing…can anyone out there think of anything better?  While you are doing that, here’s a 5 year old video that is an awesome demo of the coolness of WiMAX…


By the way we thought that WiMAX would be on the scene in August.


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