MacBook Pros are due for an update, we know this.  If not this Tuesday, then likely at the mid-March event.  By the way, if Apple releases the MacBook Pros before the event, you’ll know they are mostly just a processor/keyboard/trackpad update.  If Apple waits until the event, we are likely to see a full overhaul of the design.  We hope we have to wait.

But those Penryn chips that are going into the MacBook Pros are also the same class of processors that Apple puts in the iMacs.  Could the iMac be the benefactor of new processor (and front side bus) upgrades?  We’d say it is pretty likely.

Also, why are Apple’s laptops the only benefactor of the multi-touch trackpads?  Can we get a multi-touch trackpad for iMacs, Minis and Pros?  External, USB, and about $79?   Sold!

Sorry Wacom :(

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