Apple may plan to introduce not one, not two, but three different iPhone offerings, perhaps even as soon as June, implementing 3G support and offering an iPhone mini to widen the reach of its technology, at least that’s todays rumor.

Apple’s apparently considering a premium model iPhone that’s equipped with support for 3G. Larger than the existing model its extra size conceals a battery offering triple the duration of the current generation, with more models too… 

The company also plans to retain its current EDGE-network iPhone, though capacity could climb to match that of the iPod touch, which itself could see a capacity bump (though with next stop being 64GB it’s possible the high-cap touch would demand a premium price, which may limit its success in the curently shrinking CE market).

There’s even a plan for a new entry-level model (image is just here) of the iPhone. This is slimmer and smaller, has a large screen, offers just 4GB capacity and no video playback. This model’s set to cost around $169.

Be warned, however, all we’re reporting here is the latest speculation which comes direct from here, though the publication disparages its own rumour with the warning: "We are not known as a rumor site of any accuracy, and we present this rumor and all rumors merely as topics of discussion for our readers."

We think a move to diversify the iPhone range makes some sense, though we suspect any move to force customers to purchase a premium model of the device just to gain 3G support would meet a frosty reception.



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