WiMAX for MacBook Pros

The FCC just released information on Intel’s upcoming 5350 WiFi/WiMAX combo Mini-PCI card.  "What’s that got to do with me?" You might be saying…

Physically, this card will fit into the MacBook Pro’s Mini-PCI card slot, replacing the current Wifi card.  The only caveat is that the WiMAX antenna might not do so well with the Wifi antenna setup that current MacBook Pros possess.  Oh, and there is no Mac driver software (Bootcamp?) for this semi-unofficial product yet.  Oh, and Sprint-Clearwire are late in the nationwide WiMAX rollout…

5350 WiFi/WiMAX combo card

Intel’s 5350 WiFi/WiMAX combo Mini-PCI card (Above)

Apple’s current 802.11NWifi Card (below)

Other than that…it is a go!

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