Presumably reflecting Apple’s ever-growing slice of the personal computer market it ignited in the ’70s with the Apple II and then reinvented with the Mac in the 1980’s, Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit has announced its biggest recruitment drive in eleven years.

A note on the Mac Mojo blog on the Mac BU site says: "We are hard at work planning for products beyond Office 2008, and we are growing our team to help turn our vision into reality. We offer the feel of a small company with a strong team culture of innovation, creativity, and creating great user experiences."

Microsoft is hiring for multiple roles (Program Managers, Developers, Testers, User Experience, and Marketing) based in Redmond and in Silicon Valley. "We offer an outstanding opportunity to build great software experiences for Mac customers, and to have a significant impact on the way millions of Mac users work around the world."

While it may not always be so obvious when using Microsoft’s productivity software, the Mac BU describes themselves as, "the brightest, coolest, and most interesting business unit at Microsoft – if we do say so ourselves."

Formed on January 7, 1997 the Mac BU is one of the largest developers of Macintosh software outside of Apple, currently employing more than 180 people and having an estimated yearly revenue of $350 million.

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