SproutCore co-founder speaks

 An audio interview with SproutCore founder Charles Jolley (now senior user interface engineer for .Mac/Mobile Me at Apple) is available now. Jolley is the man with the plan, as commentators observe SproutCore could be the perfect open-JavaScript-based competitor for Flash and .Net.

Educated at the University of Kansas, he’s the former MD of Nisus Software. His SproutCore code is used as the foundation of Mobile Me. It’s a JavaScript framework designed to make web applications that work a lot like desktop apps while running within the browser, while also being widely compatible as a result of being built with JavaScript’s open standards. 

As interviewer, Dion Almaer, reports for Ajaxian: "We talked about the history of the project, how it differs from other frameworks that are out there, and where they are going."

SproutCore is much more JavaScript focused though, and gives you MVC in the client in a simple and intuitive way. I found it interesting to see how the framework has developed, from its Rails plugin roots," Almaer adds.

You can listen to the interview here, thanks to Mac Daily News for the link.



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