Apple China's retail Olympics

S’funny, these days, watching conversation turn towards China. China Mobile and the Apple iPhone make international headlines. The Olympics. Global manufacturing and the need to do so without landfill. We live in interesting times (Chinese proverb).

Enough build-up. Latest news is that Apple will open its first Apple retail store in China in Beijing’s Sanlitun district on July 19 (Shanghai Daily). And plans to open a second store in the city "during the Olympics".  Oh, and China Mobile looks to be in the final negotiating stages with Apple to carry the iPhone.  According to…them..they already have almost a 1/2 million iPhones on their network so a few more milion 3G models shouldn’t be hard to sell. 

Servicing a fifth of the world’s population – who are growing richer and more middle-classy every day – dosn’t sound like a bad idea at all.



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