iSuppli has come forth with the most comprehensive bill of materials yet for the iPhone 3G.  There are lots of fun parts included but the one that stuck out was CSR BluCor6 Rom which means that, yes, the iPhone can do A2DP Stereo Bluetooth, should Apple allow that in a software update.  It also means that if Apple does enable some sort of Bluetooth tethering or synching  in the future, you will be able to get the EDR of 3.0Mbs connection speed.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  The Cambridge Silicon Radio chip includes a new baseband CODEC option called AuriStream.  From CSR:

A new ‘AuriStream’ baseband codec can optionally be used to provide a ‘toll’ quality wireless link with around a 40% handset power reduction compared with CVSD. Or, it can provide wideband quality for the same power consumption as CVSD.

The incorporaton of the latest scanning techniques means that standby power consumption also tumbles –  by as much as 86%!

The advantages don’t stop there! BlueCore6 can deliver Class 1 performance with no power amplifier, and with an amazing link budget, helping you provide your users with class-leading performance.

…and it’s smaller, and needs fewer external components than ever before.


Interestingly, If the bluetooth headset also uses the Auristream technology, another 40% of power reduction can be made.

Oh, and they have another new product called ‘RoadTunes’?

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