iPhone gains MMS, sorta

 iPhone owners have gained MMS, well, kinda.

New application Palringo is available now from the App Store. A free app, the software lets users send picture messages, text messages and (in future) vocal messages using an iPhone’s data connection. Better still, the app integrates with most instant-messaging (services: AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Gadu, ICQ, Jabber and Windows Live Messenger. And iChat. 

As Palringo is also available for many models of mobile phone, this means an iPhone user can engage in messaging with most everyone they need to make contact with. Sending voice, picture or text-based messages to an individual or a group are single screen-tap operations.

The service is available worldwide, which means conversations can include people from across the globe, on any mobile network or connected PC or Mac. 

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