See Here. Microsoft has finally launched their response to Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads. They call it the “Mojave Experiment” and basically called Vista by a different name (Mojave) to try to get rid of the bad association the name Vista has with the general public. It took me about 25 minutes to actually start watching the ads: dragging my mouse over those tiles was so addicting!


Unfortunately for Microsoft, I highly doubt that they will work. Even John Dvorak agrees with me! The ads just seemed so staged to me… the chance that a bunch of random people, who come in saying they hate Vista, would all of a sudden change their minds, and say they will immediately buy it, seems way to slim for the ads to have any effect over me. 



What I think Microsoft should have done with the ads is shown the same group of people Windows 7: the actual next version of Vista. If they had simply shown people’s reactions to the next version, not shown any features, and ended it with the name of the OS, I believe they could have built up some serious hype for the new OS. Instead, they are still trying to push a failed version of Windows, that no one will accept no matter how much advertising they do. Why doesn’t Microsoft do this? They can’t admit when they make a mistake.  If Microsoft could confess their failures, they would gain the respect and trust of the people, instead of having them believe that they are stupid because they think Vista is "a huge success" (Steve Ballmer). It appears though, that Microsoft is simply continuing their old ways… despite what they say.

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