Each week, fellow teen blogger Luther Cherry will be covering the best free iPhone apps of the App Store. I will be covering the apps I feel are a complete rip-off.

This week’s rip-off app is LionClock Plus. It has three functions: time how long you work, multiply it by your hourly rate, and allow payment through PayPal. Two of these functions, clock and calculator, come with the phone, and PayPal is a free application. I can do what this application can do for free. The suckers who buy this app are paying 80 dollars. That is the same as buying Super Monkey Ball, Crash Bandicott, Aqua Forest, Texas Hold’ Em, Trism, Scrabble, Band, Comic Touch, Picoli, and NetShare, with a few bucks to spare, making it one of the biggest ripoff apps on the App Store. Well, behind I am Rich.

Michael is a teen blogger for 9to5 Mac, and has his own blog, Mac Soda.

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