"Infinity Songs in Your Pocket"

 Apple Insider has dug up a patent from Apple that has tremendous potential. Essentially, it would allow a user to have unlimited space on their iPods by streaming media from their computers remotely. I see this as the future, but the future has to wait on one thing: fast internet. As I’m sure you know, America’s internet speeds are way behind that of other countries, and our standards are much lower as well. When we wake up (or everyone takes the lead of FIOS), I believe this has huge potential. Combine this home streaming with a remote sync, and you have a recipe for success. Long term, when internet speeds are unbelievably fast, I could envision an iPod with zero internal storage. This would cut prices greatly, and at the same time, only limit you by the amount of space on your computer.

This probably won’t be coming anytime soon, and even if it does, it won’t be very useful. For know, we can just hope for these.

Michael is a teen blogger for 9 to 5, and has his own blog, Mac Soda.

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