I have been exchanging emails with Dan Lyons, the man behind Fake Steve, and he revealed some scary news. I emailed him to tell him that Steve Jobs isn’t dying like some believe, and that according to the New York Times, he’s sick, but not even close to the magnitude of a disease like cancer, hoping I could convince him to revive the blog. However, Dan claims to have sources who are telling him otherwise.

"Well it’s a weird situation. I can’t really get into this but people close to him have been saying for quite a while (before the appearance onstage) that he’s really sick. And someone who saw him last week says he still looks like (expletive)".

While this is obviously terrible news if it is true, Dan Lyons revealed some good news at the end of his conversation with me, regarding the future of Fake Steve Jobs.

"Anyway, I’m starting at Newsweek tomorrow and Fake Steve was supposed to be part of my job. So we’re going to discuss whether to revive the blog". 

So there you have it. Lets all pray he’s wrong about Steve Jobs, but right about Fake Steve Jobs.

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