Apple’s iPhone 3G seems set to knock BlackBerry out of some markets, with the device on the way to becoming the most popular smartphone for the legal profession.

"I suspect most law firms will soon, if they aren’t already, be trialling iPhones, and as a single mobile platform makes sense, I suspect that over time these firms will also standardise on iPhones," said John Duckett, IT general manager at DLA Phillips Fox. The IT decision-maker notes that as the business applications available for the Apple device widen in number the iPhone will become more focused and useful to business. And Apple’s move to license ActiveSync has been a crucial step.

"Although an iPhone is primarily aimed at the consumer market it’s still going to be very attractive to the corporate world, and that includes the legal market," said Duckett.

"Mobile computing devices such as the iPhone are probably one of the few areas where there is the possibility of increasing productivity, and legal firms will be quick to recognise this."

Via: ITWire

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