iFixit just found a huge little omission from Apple’s Let’s Rock event.  The iPod touch v.2 has a Broadcom BCM4325 Bluetooth chip.  

This chip didn’t just fall into the device – there are plenty of stand alone 802.11 chips on the market.  While it is thought that this chip might be used for Nike+ which  uses a special ANT PAN, it has capabilities to do so much more.  It looks like Apple could have some plans for Bluetooth on the touch.  What do you think this means for the future of the iPod touch?  Will you be able to tether to another phone?  Will Apple even open it up for use?  How about wireless syncing? 

Bonus: Oh, yeah the chip also supports an FM radio reciever.  My oh my!


From iFixit:

  • This particular bluetooth chipset supports BT2.1+EDR. No word yet on whether the one Apple included supports A2DP, which would enable stereo headphones.

  • Part numbers: BCM4325GKWBG CD0825 B76332 P40 SF

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