What is 'The Brick?'

There is nothing I love more than Apple rumors.  So, in that respect, I have some great news for everyone.   One of our tipsters has a bit of a riddle for us.  

S/he says that the MacBook update event in a few weeks (you know the one with the glass trackpads) is ‘all about the Brick’.  What does "The Brick" mean?  Can anyone out there help us out?  This is one of those tipsters that has a solid track record so we want to go along for the ride.  

Maybe we can figure out this riddle together?


Update: John Gruber from Daring Fireball says the announcement will occur October 14th

..those of you holding out for a new lineup of MacBooks will have to wait until October 14, according to sources who, as they say, are familiar with Apple’s hardware plans.

Update: Clue number 2


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