Today’s Tmobile-HTC-Google three way Android G1 event was watched intently by those in the technology community – especially by those with the defacto king of the mobile devices, the iPhone.

Well, the good news for iPhone users is that the G1 isn’t a finished product yet…you are still king of the mobile devices for the forseeable future.  Most of the functionality of Google’s device is in the hands of 3rd party developers.  It doesn’t mean that future hardware products won’t be more compelling.  Gizmodo made a good table on the features of the leading smartphones, below:

Frankly, we really like Google’s attempt, however short they came.  We love the syncing to the cloud.  The camera at 3MP is more of a sweet-spot.   Developers have more of a free reign even though Vista warnings have to come up everywhere…and then there is the physical keyboard.

But, really, its not even close yet.  More videos from Engadget below

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