Yesterday, Apple introduced a small feature update and bugfix release of AppleTV, 2.2.  The new features included :

  • HD TV Show Playback and Purchase
  • eMusic Video playlists
  • Genius playlists
  • On-the-Go playlists
  • Standby Option

The security issues and bugfixes weren’t so good, however.  Many users found their AppleTVs in an endless reboot loop (Infinite Loop?!) after the upgrade.  Why?  No one knows for sure.  They could restore to factory settings but had no luck trying an upgrade again….

Strangely, all of a sudden, last night, the AppleTVs were able to upgrade. 

What happened?  Was there an authentication issue on Apple’s part?  Dunno.  Our update was fine straight away.  It appears safe to update your AppleTVs at this point.



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