We thought it may be worth a quick look at the data being generated by iPhone application analytics firm, Mobclix, which has been monitoring applications for just over a month.

Mobclix demands developers insert just 15 lines of code into their apps. Once that code is included within the application the software will track and analyse each app. The current statistics from the firm show that even since Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that 3,000 applications were available through the App Store on September 9 an additional 1.093 pieces of software have shipped (974 free, 3119 paid) – and the total is growing fast, with the analysis currently suggesting we’ll see around 10,000 such applications appear by the end of the year.

Breaking down the figures, we learn that the split favours games, with around 25 per cent of the applications available being games.

  • Games: 1,027 (31.4%)
  • Utilities: 476 (13.5%)
  • Entertainment: 407 (12.4%)
  • Productivity: 240 (7.3%)
  • Education: 213 (6.5%)
  • Books: 202 (6.2%)
  • Reference: 191 (5.8%)
  • Travel: 184 (5.6%)
  • Healthcare + Fitness: 176 (5.4%)
  • Lifestyle: 158 (4.8%)

With new applications emerging daily, the top five new applications include: Crossword Dictionary Online Edition; Lil’ Pinata; Lil’ SnowMan; ShakeWise and Zen of Ten.

The leading top five games include: iSlots, Tap Tap Revenge, Dactyl, Labryinth Lite, Blue Skies Lite.

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