Being newly proud parents in the big city is a tough gig.  The iPhone has been a life saver on many accounts from the birth to dying from boredom during feedings and sleepless nights.  It will continue to do so.  To that end,  Mommy Poppins put together a top ten list that accurately sums up the device as a parenting tool. 

Digital Camera — While it’s not the best camera phone I’ve owned, it takes decent 2 megapixel photos. Having a camera phone is a must for parents in my book because it means I always have a camera with me and can snap those spontaneous cute moments without thinking.

Brag Book — Show off all those cute pictures either with the images stored in your phone or use this App to connect to your Flickr account.

Appointment book — The built in calendar will sync to your iCal so you always know where you need to be and can add appointments as you make them.

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What?  You needed another reason to get an iPhone?

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