Read my lips.  John Markoff brings back the worst kept secret in the Valley.  Apple is working on something between an iPhone and a MacBook.  If it is let out on the interwebs, that certainly means it is moving beyond prototype. 

"That would seem to confirm findings that a search engine company shared with me on condition that I not reveal its name: The company spotted Web visits from an unannounced Apple product with a display somewhere between an iPhone and a MacBook. Is it the iPhone 3.0 or the NetMac 1.0?"

Our sources say there are a few different prototypes running around Cupertino, and "frankly, there have been for years.  Jobs won’t make a move until the timing/technology is exactly right"

Frankly, you could run a MacOS on a random EEE Hackintosh with any screen size and name you’d like.  So, it could all be hot air.

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