Frankly, we had given up hope of finding a Firewire interface for our MacBooks without employing some insane soldering skills.  Imagine our surprise when we happened upon Pixela’s USB to Firewire adapter.  Before you rip your credit cards out, we have to break out the bad news…

It’s WindowsXP (like you’d run anything else?) only at the moment.   Hypothetically, that leaves Bootcamp and virtualization as options, but much too much trouble to get a Firewire port for most.  When pressed on whether they’d make Mac drivers, Pixela has said they’d consider it.  How about hurrying up with that decision…Apple, care to send a few engineers their way?  It isn’t like they don’t make any Mac software.

If you are still willing to plop down for this piece of tech, it is currently running $120 retail.


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