Admob has a very interesting data sheet out today with lots of interesting iPhone and iPod touch data.  They measure data in terms of web requests (much like NetApplications)…some of the highlights below:

  • Apple is now the top smartphone by Internet page requests with 10% of the total market, up 3%
  • There is a small but significant percentage of iPhone requests over Tmobile’s US network
  • Ad clicks in Asia and specifically Indonesia are literally off the charts
  • Although it is in 5th place globally with a quicky growing 7.8% of handset data requests, the iPhone model has the market lead with 6.3% (they count 1.5% of traffic from iPod Touch devices).
  • Apple has about 25% of the smartphone handset market in the UK, but is gaining on market leader Nokia who has almost 2/3rds of the market
  • Perhaps most interestingly, iPhones are using Wifi much more than other Wifi enabled devices by a wide margin.   The only other device on the radar is the PSP (and Nokia’s N95-6 series in Europe).  This has to be good news for AT&T who bear the burden of the iPhone’s 3G capabilities.  It is also a testament to the iPhones ease of switching between WWAN and Wifi networks.

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