Changewave continues the glut of iPhone data with this month’s installment from their user surveys.  Check the pretty tables below:

Don’t forget about the 27% of other category which is down from 29% in Sept. and June.



Uh oh, this doesn’t bode well for future quarter of iPhone sales

But alas, where it really counts – in customer satisfaction, the iPhone really destroys the Storm.  Which really isn’t news at all.

From Changewave:

Bottom Line

The smart phone market is now dominated by two companies – Apple and Research In Motion. According to our survey results, the Apple iPhone trails the RIM BlackBerry in terms of current market share – but the iPhone has experienced strong growth since its inception and explosive growth since the release of the 3G model in July 2008.

Going forward, RIM is showing a surge in momentum due to its slew of new product launches – and appears capable of giving Apple a strong challenge in 2009. But the real test in a cutthroat market is how satisfied consumers actually are with their new models.

In this survey, we found the BlackBerry Storm’s satisfaction rating to be middle-of-the-road – lagging behind the average rating for other RIM BlackBerry models. It’s not that the BlackBerry Storm is a bad phone. It’s just that the initial launch has glitches which have resulted in a mediocre satisfaction rating.

Competitive pressures may have caused the Storm to be launched before it was quite ready for primetime. But if RIM can rapidly fix its initial glitches and bugs, the survey shows that this new offering – along with RIM’s other recently released models – will provide accelerated momentum for RIM in 2009.

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