TUAW is reporting that the Mac Mini will now be  a little black and aluminum box which will match the color scheme of the iMac.  The optical drive will now be a option according to the site and the lip of the box will partially conceal the nature of the optical drive much like the Time Capsule.  While we are still trying to figure out exactly what this will look like, it does make some sense to move in that direction. 

TUAW goes on to confirm that the launch will be at Macworld and the optional optical drive will likely be SATA which are both pretty standard rumor fare at this point.  Also, expect a NVIDIA 9400 Chipset and updated processor and hard drive options that miror MacBook options.

Perhaps without the Optical drive we’ll see a sub $500 price point?  We can dream can’t we?

BTW, that picture ain’t it


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