Frankly, since the MacBook Air was released, we’ve been questioning the validity of the internal optical drive in our MacBooks.  Really, we need that thing once or twice a month, if at all, with all of the other options out there. USB sticks for data transfer and quick backups, the Internet for 700MB movies and perhaps an external DVD for the occasional software install (and hopefully rare OS reinstall).  Otherwise that thing is just taking up a lot of space and gathering dust as a relic of the past in our Unibody MacBooks.

The good news is that today, MCE has a solution for that wasted space.  They simply take your DVD-R and put it in a USB case, then put in your MacBook another hard drive inside a holder that fills the space of an optical drive.  Therefore, you can technically have up to 1 TB of storage with the Unibody MacBook utilizing two 500GB hard drives space.  You can even make a (assuming soft-)RAID setup.

Sweet.  But we are still seeing some extra space there.  How about a SD card reader and an eSATA port while you are at it!?  Maybe also throw in a 3G Modem?  We’ll pay the premium.


via Macworld.


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