We’re getting in some new reports of the functionality of the new iPhone 3.0 operating system.  The latest update has improved the performance and reliability of Apple’s new features.  Internet tethering (screenshot of iPhone when tethering shown below) has become more reliable over USB and some people have even had some luck over Bluetooth.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  Our tipsters got the A2DP Bluetooth working which, unlike the older, crappier Bluetooth, works across all applications.  iPod in Stereo?  Yep.  Pandora Radio?  Affirmative.  How about Skype?  Yes!  And it sounds great.

In fact, just to push this thing to the limit, they were able to do Skype on a stereo Bluetooth headset while on 3G, while tethered to a laptop!  Screenies below.


There was only one downer.  The regular AT&T phone on the iPhone wouldn’t do stereo with the A2DP headphones.  For some reason, it only made a mono connection to the Bluetooth headset.  Skype definitely wins this round.

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