Apple will soon have an excuse to slang those controversial potty-mouth NIN apps to all of your kids.  In version 3 of the iPhone and in iTunes 8.2 (image below) you can now select parental control for apps and choose the age of the iPhone owner.   The choices are 4+, 9+, 12+, 17+.  When version 3 of the iPhone is released, Apple will allow more adult-themed applications to go thru the app store, albeit with NC-17 ratings.

iLounge via Macrumors notes that:

Makayama’s Newspaper(s) application was originally rejected due to inappropriate online-content (images of topless women[noice]) from the UK’s The Sun tabloid. Apple informed the developer that Parental Controls have been announced for iPhone 3.0 and that it "would be appropriate to resubmit your application for review once this feature is available."

We like that Apple is isolating 4-8 year old crowd as an age group.  What would constitute something off limits for a four year old, but ok for a nine year old?  We are thinking Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy denial apps.  Just kidding! – to our younger viewers.

And for us more mature audiences?  17+ huh?  Does that mean the iPhone 3 will finally fulfill its destiny as…nah.

Nevermind that the average 9-12 year old has a better understanding of their Mac than their parents and could probably enable parental controls on them.

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