We’ve had a good 10.5.7 update experience (loads of snappiness™!) on our machines but the Internet is filling up with issues related to the massive install.  MaxFixit goes over the major problems and the workarounds as per usual.

A good rule of thumb on this one is run a permissions repair before upgrading… and the Combo updater seems a little safer.

For Blue Screens:

  • Don’t use Software Update. Instead, download the standalone "Combo" updater.
  • Reboot into Safe Mode.
  • Run Disk Utility and perform a Permissions fix and hard drive repair.
  • Run the updater.
  • Immediately repair permissions again.

Screen resolution issues – hit the PRAM a few times.

General wackiness:

  • Boot into Safe Mode and run a permissions fix with Disk Utility.
  • Reset the PRAM.
  • Reinstall the update using the downloadable "combo" update (not any other), and following the "safe" method of installation mentioned above.

The desire to chime in with "everything went fine with mine!" is strong.  Resist.


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