Palm Pre to sync with iTunes?

Fortune is saying that the Palm Pre will sync to iTunes just like any other iPhone or iPod would, allowing the transfer and copying of any DRM free media from desktop to Pre.   Both on Windows and on Mac.  While it isn’t stated exactly how the Pre will do this, it is thought that the Pre will emulate an iPod, rather than use of third party desktop software like DoubleTwist.

Plug a Pre into a Mac and it syncs, seamlessly, with Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes. In fact, the iTunes Store treats the Pre just as it would an iPod or an iPhone with one exception: it can’t handle old copy-protected songs. Third party programs that perform the same service for various non-Apple MP3 players — including the Palm Treo and 700p –  have been available for some time. But team Pre has apparently built the necessary code right into the device’s firmware. They certainly have the know-how. The team is chock-a-block with former Apple employees and is led by Palm president Jon Rubinstein, who built the original iPod for Steve Jobs.

It also isn’t certain how or if Apple will respond to this.  COO Tim Cook has been rattling the legal saber in Palm’s general direction saying "Apple would use whatever weapons it has at its disposal to fight companies that rip off its intellectual property".

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