The iPhone Blog (via MacRumors) alerts us to a pretty disconcerting new item about the mobile App Store.  Apparently Apple is going to start recharging users for re-downloading their apps?  iPhone developers who are using the iPhone 3 OS are getting messages similar to the one you see on your right-> 

Strangely, it isn’t all apps.    Today, we re-downloaded 30 MB Golf GL ($5) on the iPhone 3 OS without having to repay for it. 

Here’s what we’re hearing:

  • Apps aren’t being recharged if they ‘re downloaded on a computer and synched over iTunes
  • There seems to be a certain size limitation to the charging currently.  Somewhere between 5-10MB seems to be the cutoff.  But, we were able to re-download a 30mb app so…
  • There are theories that it might have to do with thwarting counterfeiters or people who use one account for many devices.
  • UPDATE: commenters are saying that it might be due to the capability in iPhone 3.0 to have multiple sign ins.  Therefore someone could just sign into your iPhone and install all of their apps.  Speaking of which, anyone with a SlingApp in the NYC area?
  • This new feature will be universally disliked by all but the most hard core Apple fanboy.

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