Engadget reviews the Pre

Engadget does a great review of the Pre and didn’t seem to have the same keyboard gripes as BGR. In fact, they thought it was pretty revolutionary.

There’s no question that Palm has built this phone on the foundations laid by numerous devices before it — most obviously the iPhone — but the Pre clearly carves out its own path as well. Some of the ideas and concepts at play in webOS are truly revolutionary for the mobile space, breaking down lots of the walls that separate the experience of using a dedicated PC versus using a handheld device. One feeling that we were constantly stuck by while testing the phone was a kind of revelatory, ‘Hey, this actually feels how a computer feels.’ It was an experience not completely unlike our first encounter with the iPhone — that little light that goes on that tells you that things can really be different than how they’ve been before. We also felt that same thing the first time we picked up a Treo, so it’s fitting that the Pre should inspire a similar response.

Where the Pre really shined was processor intensive tasks like video, browser rendering and doing background apps. The Pre has a significantly faster ARM Cortex Processor than the current iPhone’s ARM 11 based system.


It looks like this might just be the best phone on the market…at least for 2 days.

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