It looks like the zany idea of having to repurchase apps is a no-go (thankfully).  According to appadvice (via Giz) the inability to re-download apps was just a "bug" which has been cleared up now.

With the final release of iTunes 8.2, we discovered that the message stopped appearing for users who had an authorized computer, but people who were sharing applications with unauthorized devices would still see the message. It was a welcome discovery that seemed to make the new policy palatable.

Now today, in a surprising turn of events the entire feature was removed completely! The message now will NOT appear in any environment, authorized, non-authorized it doesn’t matter. We were able to talk to a lead Apple developer first hand at WWDC and he confirmed the feature is now gone completely.

While we are fans of the removal of this "slip", we have our doubts that it was unintentional.  The window seemed to have all of the right wording and came up pretty reliably when an app was re-purchased. Plus, what hapens now when you log into someone elses mobile app store and ry to download one of your apps? We’re not 100% sure we are done with this one yet.


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