No word yet on what build 7C97D fixes (or breaks). We’re hoping not to lose our tether.

Update: Baseband update to 05.08.01 (so if you want to do a SIM unlock in the future, you might want to wait).  Also tether and MMS working (mms enabled by default but still issues with AT&T).  Startup/Shutdown times dramatically improved, though some people are reporting issues with iTunes playback.  Some screenshots also posted to the comments below.

SDK 3.1 beta

iPhone SDK 3.1 beta

This is a pre-release version of iPhone SDK 3.1 beta to support development of applications for iPhone OS 3.1 beta. Please review the Read Me before installing this beta software release.

  • Posted: June 30, 2009
  • Build: 9M2736a


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